Preservation Station

Preservation Station


Come view our incredible and rare adult and baby tigers for FREE at Preservation Station, Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach!

Seeing the tigers is FREE during our normal hours of operation; however, a fee applies for participating in a very BRIEF photo encounter with baby tiger cubs or baby gibbons. Only adult tigers, tiger cubs, and baby gibbons are at this location (all other endangered species including our ligers and elephant are only part of our Wild Encounters Tour).

Note: If you’re wanting an immersive experience and lengthy experience with animals, please purchase one of our 3-hour Wild Encounters Day or Night Safari Tours (see Experience T.I.G.E.R.S. at top of page and click on either the Day or Night Safari Tour tab). While our Preservation Station photo encounter is a rare opportunity to hold a baby cub in brief photo shoot, it is not designed as a playing or petting experience.

Photo encounters are $100.00 for 1 person, plus $25.00 for each additional person (2nd, 3rd, and 4th persons). The fifth person is $100 more than the fourth, plus $25 for each additional person (6th, 7th, and 8th persons). Your photo encounter purchase provides funding for our conservation efforts around the world.

Price includes 1- 8×10 photograph of your choice for each group •All ages are welcome •All ages, including babies, are the same price • Children under 15 must be accompanied by a paid adult

After your photo encounter you will have the opportunity to purchase additional prints as well as a digital photo upload that will include all photos taken during your encounter.

Info and Hours of Operation:

Our animal ambassadors will be viewable for FREE at T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station starting at:

  • May 28th – Sept 3rd — 6 pm
  • March 1st – May 26th – 5 pm
  • May 27th – Sep 2nd – 6 pm
  • Sep 3rd – Nov 30th – 5 pm (after Oct 6th, our schedule changes from daily to several days a week – please check our online calendar for specific dates)

* Photo Encounters begin at the time of opening. Please arrive on time and immediately check-in with our staff. Guests with pre-paid tickets/reservations will be admitted before those without reservation. You must check-in with our team. There may be a short wait after check-in, so please be patient.

* BOOK NOW! Although reservations are not required for this location, we strongly encourage all guests to reserve tickets for their Photo Encounter.

* Your tour and/or photo encounter purchases at our locations (either Myrtle Beach Safari or Preservation Station) will help support the Rare Species Fund (RSF), which provides infrastructure, training, and support to international conservation programs worldwide. To date, RSF has donated more than $1 million and countless hours of professional expertise, engagement, and hands-on training to grassroots conservation program worldwide. These programs ultimately help to conserve tigers, lions, elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, and many more species in their natural habitats.

* Please note, hours are subject to change based on weather and availability.

Please visit our Google listing for current information regarding the weather and hours of operation.

Phone Number: 843-361-4552 is an automated line for information only.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Wild Encounters Tours Preservation Station photo encounters are NON-refundable.
  • If for any reason you cannot make your photo encounter date, you may reschedule to any date available. This option never expires.

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